Out of the 11 tracks I have planned for the album, 1 beat wasn’t officially purchased/given to me. The producer who uploaded the beat to his YouTube channel doesn’t seem to be active anymore.

I reached out to him when I was sure I wanted to use the beat once I was able to find his email address. No response. Two years later, his beat was the first song I recorded for Hyphen, so I really wanted to make sure I could use the beat.

So, the other night, I reached out again. Instagram, Facebook, and even on what I thought was his LinkedIn on Friday evening. To my surprise, at 8:02 AM on IG, I got a response.

This one already sold…

I replied back immediately with “Okay. Thank you.” and I was gutted.

A few minutes later I asked: “Did you lease it or sell it exclusive?”

No response. I can’t find the song anywhere. Chances are, the producer wasn’t properly credited or maybe whomever purchased the beat never used it, and it’s been sitting on their hard drive ever since.

So, we have our first roadblock for Hyphen.

I’m not going to try to find anyone to recreate the beat. I tried to get a producer to make a beat to replace a song I used the “Super High” instrumental for back in 2020. I never heard back from him after he said he would. Not only did that cause me to lose respect for him (to not even say he didn’t have time, etc.), but also, I felt like maybe I insulted him by asking him to replace a beat in a pre-existing song.

And as much as I think the beat was never used, I’m not going to go ahead and use it anyway, since the producer took the time to tell me it was sold.

If he leased it, maybe he’ll be willing to lease it to me as well. But the way he said it makes me think he was selling beats and not leasing them.

Worst case scenario, I’ll upload the song to my Soundcloud for sure, probably a month or so before the album is ready to come out. I’ll let you know when it’s the one I’m talking about. Then, you’ll know the album is truly on its way.

RIP Magoo. I just listened to “Up Jumps The Boogie” on the way to Pittsburgh and Barrel & Flow on Saturday.

Life is too short.

On the way back from Pittsburgh, I logged onto the Marvel Unlimited app (thanks as always to my plug Aaron) and pulled up Spectacular Spider-Man #28. My friend Eric had given me this comic, as well as #31 and #32 years ago, and I had them in my collection until I pawned them in 2011.

I decided to go back and read the entire Masked Marauder storyline that started in SSM #25, which fed into the first appearance of Carrion. As that storyline concluded, I decided to go all the way back to Spectacular #1 and re-read the entire series.

So, I’m reading Spectacular volume 1 now?

I have to say my favorite part was in issue #31, when Spidey is popping mad trash from the ceiling as Carrion is trying to fight off his own creation. Only after it seems Carrion meets his doom, he mentions something about not being able to reach him in time.

Spidey killed that ghoul/clone/whatever you wanna call it. I totally get why but maybe not say something about not being able to save him when you clearly could have, Peter.

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