Stray Shots: 08.21.23

I can’t believe the 180 I’ve done on Cee-Lo Green. I used to be such a fan. But there’s no looking past it. F*ck You/Forget You is on the radio right now and I feel absolutely nothing. *Sigh*

At night, I often will lie in bed and watch YouTube until I’m ready to fall asleep. This would preferably be after I finish watching the video I’ve pulled up. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times that I nod off, wake up, rewind back to the last part I was awake for, nod off again, rewind back to the last part I was awake for, etc. Eventually, I nod out and either the TV shuts itself off after YouTube has been running untouched for so long (which is annoying when you try to pull up ocean waves, or a white noise video with space and stars only for YouTube to ask, “Are you still watching this video?” after 5 or so hours). I have to check my watch history in the morning to see what was auto played after I finally succumbed to sleep. This morning, it was Scotland Nature Relaxing Movie 4K – Meditation Relaxing Music – Wonderful Nature. I’m sure it was great. I actually remember turning the TV off last night though.

I figured out my situation from last week’s blog with losing the Down In Mexico sampled beat. It’ll still come out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp before the album. But thankfully, my man No Name Tim had a whole banger just sitting on his site. So that will replace it on the album.

I hopped on a Zoom call with Errick and Marc Rob to talk Rasslecast season 4 on Saturday after work. It looks like we will return to air Monday, September 18th. Episodes will release bi-weekly from there until a week or so after WrestleMania. You can find all of our previous episodes wherever podcasts are podcasted and on my YouTube channel. I might start a Rasslecast channel again and slowly start moving things over there. If it ever takes off, then the channel will be ready.

WVU students walked the f*ck out of their classes today. And rightfully so. I love a good protest. But it seems like the turnout was minimal. And somehow, quiet apathy seems on brand for WVU.

I think my current meal go-to is going to be that egg sandwich that went viral a few years back. I attempted it during Covid and it wasn’t bad but now that I have confidence in my cooking, I’ve made two bomb ass sammichs the last two days. I’m interested to see if I can replicate a decent one using low carb tortillas.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Orange Is The New Black debuted. Even harder to believe that I just finished Season 6 with Angel on Saturday night. I was happy how easily I was able to pick up the story considering how long it had been since we watched Season 5. Damn, that was a good ass season.

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