It has been a crazy few weeks. Here’s my first attempt to get back to doing the blog weekly.

Rasslecast Power Hour returned and we’ve already dropped three episodes. We moved our recording time to Sunday afternoons and it’s making a world of difference for me. I’m able to edit the audio and the video right after so that everything is ready to go by Monday morning. Before, we recorded everything on Friday night and as much as I love the pod, I dreaded working all day to make a 9 pm call time. Sundays are a lot simpler.

For those who didn’t check out Hyphen Nation 213, I’ve decided to end the podcast. January would make the 8th year it had been running and the time and attention I’ve been paying it has been lacking the last few years. I feel like it’s a good time to stop and on my own terms. I’ll be talking more about it on the final episode, which will be 215.

I spent most of Saturday cutting down branches on the two trees that are in front of out house. Some had grown out of over the driveway and others were starting to grow out across the road. I’m still feeling the effects. The last three days have been spent cutting the branches into smaller pieces and bagging them. Between what went out on Monday morning and the bags we have now, we easily put together 10+ huge bags of nothing but branches. I still have to trim the bushes that are closer to the house but that’s nothing in comparison.

As long as I don’t cut my extension cord with the hedge trimmers. I may have done that a time or two before.

I think since the last blog, I also ended up dropping 5 more episodes of Dope! I had these certain songs that wouldn’t leave my head so I got them out of my system. Plus, I ended the run right at 99 episodes and one of them was the same song (I really like “The Roc (Just Fire). What more can I say?), so now the total is above 100 and with 103 unique songs. Which is crazy to think about.

I also recorded the second song that’s going to be on the album yesterday. I still need to mix it and I hope the hook came out okay, but I love it. So only 9 more songs to go now. I also sent one of the songs to my cousin Mike and he wants to jump on it. He’s hella dope, so I’m looking forward to hearing it in a few days.

I made my second attempt ever at chili and I think I almost nailed it. The first time I made it was two houses ago and it was fine. This time, I took a bunch of TikTok recipes (recipes is what I watch the most on there, aside from my people VLNS, Tim, and Aaron) and made it in the Instant Pot. I was disappointed the first couple days I had it, but yesterday, I picked up some brown sugar on the way home. I probably put a little too much in once I reheated what was left, but it was the missing ingredient. I’m very proud of myself.

I think I’ll attempt goulash again next. It’ll never be mom’s, but one can always try.

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