A Review of Damnation Spring

A friend finished this book and liked it enough to not only rave about it on Goodreads but on Facebook as well, so I put my name down on the digital hold list, expecting to get this when it popped up.

Less than a week and one notification later, I started my journey down Damnation. I have to take a half star off only because all of the timber talk in the beginning of the book is a lot to wade through.

But after that, Damnation Spring sings. The shifting POVs of the Gunderson family let you live in these characters heads and I loved it. You could tell how much Rich loves Colleen despite the distance and secrets he keeps. You can feel Colleen’s agony at her own losses and the losses of other babies. And you get to see the world through Chubb’s eyes and just how loved he is by both parents.

There was at least 5 times I stood up, yelling at my phone like it was a TV screen at some of the revelations. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

I had to skip ahead to make sure a character survived because I was in agony all morning, scared to even read that chapter when their name headlined across it.

And I cried. I smiled. I cursed. I laughed. And I don’t know if I could take this book again anytime soon. But it is a wonderful piece of work and I love it.

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