After These Messages

Life is funny.

I woke up late for work. As in supposed to be there and clocked in within 6 minutes. But I didn’t panic. I called who needed called. I got ready and got to work. Normally, I’m sick when that happens every few years…

For the first time since I moved into my new office space at work, I actually enjoyed the view. I used to not have any windows for 5 years but now I have huge windows surrounding my desk. And I’ve always quietly despised the extra light. But I sat back in my chair this afternoon and enjoyed looking out the windows.

I planned out all these new scheduled changes I was going to begin doing when it came to my content.

I haven’t created anything. And I’m fine with that.

I finished reading one of the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books with Aaliyah.

I got the dishes done. I don’t know why but having an empty sink does wonders for my soul.

I was on Threads.

I ate hot dogs with mustard and onions for dinner. I got rid of some things in the fridge.

I spent 30+ minutes getting a splinter out of my finger.

And I just feel very lucky. Even as I sit here when I should be asleep in bed.

I don’t know where the late night energy comes from. This could also be a column idea.

Today was a good day and now it’s the day of my wedding anniversary.

Our 10th.

We leave for Mexico Saturday morning.

I’m letting myself start to get excited.

Talk soon.

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