I specifically recorded Hyphen Nation last night so I would have my next two nights open.

Angel’s out of town until Friday which means I have a few hours after Aaliyah goes to bed tonight and tomorrow. I kept telling myself that I would attempt to record tonight and stream tomorrow.

And I pretty much made the decision 20 minutes ago to go to bed.

I’m exhausted. I was on meetings for 5 of my 8 hours today but I’m tapped out. I came home, jumped on the trampoline (I forgot about that), made dinner, read, and then watched the Proud Family Disney+ series until it was bedtime.

I could be recording a new song but instead I’m blogging.

Why can’t Aquarians be good at just one thing?

Sidenote: I did edit a vertical clip from Hyphen Nation 205 though.

I have been writing more. It’s been nice to let my imagination run wild a little bit but it’s nothing that I feel is good enough to share. It’s a step in the right direction though.

The next episode of Hyphen Nation will be for those who were with me from the start. Like Lam. I’m excited.

I got my first Deluxe Turkey & Bacon from Primanti’s today.


New go-to.

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