Stray Shots: 10.09.23

When you haven’t been recording music on a regular basis, the joys of recording all come back to you in a hurry. 

Picture it, last Tuesday. I recorded 3 verses, 2 bridges, and 1 hook for a song. I thought the mix would be easy. Turns out, the hook needs re-recorded and my first mix needed some tweaking. 

I know it will be all worth it when the album’s done but I get beyond annoyed pretty quickly. 

We went to Capon Bridge to see Dad for Indigenous People’s Day but we came home a day early because the well pump died. This may or may not have been my fault because I didn’t stop the toilet from running on Saturday night. 

The last time we had to pull up the well piping to get to the well pump, it was the late 90s and it took us hours to drag that mollyfogging thing out. In fact, it may have taken a day or two. I didn’t want to deplete Dad’s surplus water supply, so we came home yesterday. 

Today has been spent doing nothing. I’m pretty sure I need to replace the retaining ring on the washing machine door. I hope that’s all it is. I don’t think I can make our old one right enough anymore. I edited Rasslecast today because I didn’t feel like it last night. The video should be done rendering, so that will be on YouTube in the next few hours. 

I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to record music on Tuesday and Thursday this week uninterrupted. In a perfect world, I can record three records this week and bring the grand total for the album to five out of eleven tracks. All mastered and ready for sequencing. 

Like I said, fingers crossed.

I finally gave in and downloaded Marvel Snap to try it out. And naturally, I’m obsessed. Today might be the least I’ve played since last Thursday. And after spending most of the weekend losing games just to be playing, I took in some deck building tips yesterday and they are paying off nicely. I love how there’s strategy in every move now. I might mess around and stream it soon.

Extra Life is on November 4th. I need to test everything as I haven’t streamed… at all at home this year? Has it been that long? On top of that, I think Extra Life 2022 was the last time I gamed on a console. That’s nuts for someone wishing for a PS5 so I can play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

I’ve been tossing some ideas in my head about what I want to spend 24 hours playing this year. I can play Marvel Snap on PC. I have Rollercoaster Tycoon and I’ve been dying to play it, so I could do that. I also have a huge urge to replay Chrono Trigger. The last time was on my phone in late 2015/early 2016. It’s definitely time to go back. And see how well I do without a strategy guide to help me.

On PS4, I always have Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales ready. I still haven’t touched Skywalker Lego Star Wars since last November. 

There’s also a PS2 option that would consist of NCAA College Football 2004, X-Men Legends, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and maybe some NBA Live 2004/NBA Street Vol. 2.

And looking at it now, it really feels like it should be a PlayStation 2 year. I can celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first time I had full access to one thanks to Stevie.

And just like that, I’m getting excited.

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