First and foremost, thank you to anyone who took the time to read my last blog entry. I’m not going to apologize for it. I know it’s not my normal light-hearted fare, but it was necessary for me to be as transparent in that moment as possible.

Daylight savings and I just did not agree this year. But those thoughts I was having was valid. Just know that I’m feeling much better now.

I’m in Charleston, WV for Aaliyah’s state gymnastics meet. Last one of her season and last one until November. I love watching her compete. I could do better about being more engaged at her practices but I don’t want to miss any of her routines when they count.

Did I sound like Iverson a little bit with the practice thing?

I just crushed the continental breakfast in the hotel. I’m a sucker for a waffle maker.

I took my cornrows out on Thursday. I love the way they look but it felt so good be able to scratch my head again. I’m probably going to have Sam shave off the sides and the back in a few weeks and keep the top. I’ll get Dionne to braid me again around July. I think I’ll enjoy having braids on top much more than the full head of braids.

But damn did I look good.

We’re pulling up to WV State now. Reminds me of that time I came with Steve, Ed, and Vince down here for a weekend.

And that was a weekend.

We should be headed back to Morgantown sometime today. I plan on working on video content and writing some new stuff. I did well with video this last week but my writer fingers are itchy.

That sounded gross, didn’t it?

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