Extra Life was incredible. Love hanging with the G Crew. Very tired though. Probably gonna get my 24 hours in prior to game day next year. Might see if I can squeeze in some more streams before 12/31 and get over the $300 mark.

Today is the 7th anniversary of my mom Bonnie’s passing. I miss her every day. I could have been a better son. I hope she knows how sorry I am.

I broke down and reinstalled WordPress back on hyphenuniverse.com. All it took was seeing WordPress.com plaster that banner over my content to make me do it. I think I have it set up so I can truly be able to use the site for creating without having to worry about the constant upkeep. Fingers crossed.

After all the excitement of Extra Life, I’m taking a break from social media this week. I’m by no means perfect but the rules are as follows:

  • No opening apps if there isn’t a notification
  • Swiping away any kind of like on any previous posts. Responding to comments is okay, but app must be closed immediately after.
  • Reading/reacting to group chats is okay but only comment if something really needs to be said.
  • No TikTok (outside of responding to comments or DMs)
  • No bored scrolling on Twitter or Instagram.
  • No posting on any social media unless podcast related or has some form of writing.
  • No videos. Sorry 72 subscribers.

We’ll see how I do.

Started listening to A Kid Named Cudi for the first time in years. It’s enjoyable and it reminds me of how different my life was when the mixtape first came out. I know I’m immediately going to move back to Faces though afterwards. I’ll finish Her Loss soon enough.

I completely passed out laying with Aaliyah for at least 30 minutes until Angel woke me. I may have also nodded out while trying to finish this.

It’s been a day.

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